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Inpatient Hospice


Canon Hospice-Mississippi consists of a 9-bed inpatient facility.  Four semi-private rooms and One isolation/infectious disease room. We have 24-hour care, with meals provided three times per day.  Special diets are accepted. Our inpatient unit may be used for respite care as well. Physicians visit daily.


Federal guidelines describe “Inpatient Hospice Care” as “short-term, intensive hospice services provided to meet the patient’s needs for symptom and pain management or complex medical treatment”.


We are pleased to offer this service as an alternative level of care to eligible hospice patients. Click HERE to learn more about our inpatient unit.


Home Hospice


Home Hospice Care is given when the patient chooses to stay within the comforts of their own home.  Canon Hospice will provide medical equipment necessary for the comfort of the patient. The patient will receive Registered Nurse visits and personal instruction and education on patient care for the patient and the caregiver.


Canon offers 24-hour emergency nurse visits; 7 days a week and provides a Certified Nursing Assistant to assist with personal care needs.


Nurse Practitioner or Physician visits available according to law. Click HERE to learn more about our Home Hospice Care.


Nursing Home Hospice


Nursing Home Hospice Care is much like Home Hospice Care and is activated when a patient has no caregiver at home, no home to go to, or is considered to be total care and the caregiver is just not able to care for the patient 24/7.  Hospice is an added “bonus” to the care that a nursing home provides and continues to visit and care for the patient just as one would if they were a “home” patient. Click HERE to learn more about our Outpatient Hospice Care.


Respite Care


Respite care is a benefit defined under Medicare which permits a home hospice patient 5 days of 24-hour care in an inpatient hospice setting allowing a rest period for the caregiver. Click HERE to learn more about our inpatient facility.


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